Hockey Player Smashes Referee With Stick In Savage Fight

This hockey player is like Happy Gilmore on crack.

It just wasn't his day. Maybe things weren't going well with his significant other at home or something, but he took his anger to the rink, and boy, did it show.

During the game, referee Nikita Tikhonov calls a 10-minute penalty because the player is being an asshat.



But that only angers him more. The ref awakens a beast and has to endure a confrontation — then things get tasty.


He completely loses his cool and goes to town on him with his stick, quite a few times by the looks of it.


It's a scene that wouldn't look out of place in the movie "Happy Gilmore."


He hits the ref so hard his helmet — which has a GoPro camera attached — is sent flying across the ice.

The player's punishment? It's been reported they've thrown him out of the league for good.

At least Happy Gilmore got angry in a funny way. Here's what we wanted to see unfold:


Here's the entire video. Skip to 50 seconds for the brutal attack.

Никита Тихонов on YouTube

This ref is not the only official who has been on the receiving end of an ass-whooping this week.

A video emerged of a bodybuilder slapping a judge silly because he didn't like what he had to say.

Giannis Magos (probably Greek for "Man Sans Insanely Large Pecs") went ham on the official during the 2016 IFBB Diamond Cup in Greece.

Magos and his rippling ultra-tan abs are seen sending the judge through a pile of tables and embarrassment.


Roid rage? Probably. But that doesn't explain why he allegedly flashed his penis as well.

There's no photo of that. Or maybe there is, but his genitals have been so ravaged by roids they're now sadly too small to see.


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