10 Commandments Of Healthy Eating, According To Pro Surfer Tia Blanco


Pro Surfer Tia Blanco is like most athletes who have an impressive physique.

LeBron James has his no-carb diet. Danica Patrick has her yoga. Seth Rollins has his CrossFit, and the list goes on.

Blanco is no different. She's one of the many athletes who is not only physically fit but has developed her own set rules to live by when it comes to keeping her body that way.

Here, the 2015 ISA World Champion provides some of the simple rules she has for nutrition intake. Below are Tia Blanco's 10 commandments of healthy eating.

Never calorie restrict.

Eat until you are full.

Eat as clean as possible.

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Do not be shy of carbohydrates.

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Cut out meat.

Cut out dairy.

Try to eat low-fat if you want to lose weight.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit.

If you want to cook with oil, try coconut oil.

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Eat plant based.

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