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Rob Gronkowski Doesn't Have A Snapchat For The Most Hilarious Reason

This is classic Gronk; he never gives you what you'd think he would.

After his antics at the Patriots Super Bowl parade, everybody thought Gronk was a big goof who probably spends his money like one.

Turns out, he's a financial savant who hasn't spent a "dime" of his salary and wisely lives off his marketing endeavors.

Everybody thought he was arrogant. Turns out, he's a simple guy who wears jeans from high school.

You thought he was a super frat bro who would use any medium to funnel chicks his way? Turns out, he avoids Snapchat to avoid that happening.

@RobGronkowski do you have a snapchat account? Not to sounds creepy or over obsessive about you lol — Travis Try (@HighSpeedHero) November 17, 2015
No i don't. To many chicks would send me pics and it would get to out of control. I let @Chan95Jones handle that! — Rob Gronkowski (@RobGronkowski) November 17, 2015

Keep breaking stereotypes, Gronk.