Graphic Photos Released Of Greg Hardy's Alleged Assault On Ex-GF

Last year, Greg Hardy was charged with assault for an attack that took place against his then-girlfriend, Nicole Holder.

However, those charges were eventually dismissed, and Greg Hardy's record was eventually expunged.

Hardy, who was a member of the Carolina Panthers at the time of this incident, missed an entire calendar year of football and then some as a result of his actions.

Before the start of this season, Hardy was signed by the Dallas Cowboys and has, in the words of his team's owner, become a "real leader."

We, like Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL, had heard the story of Hardy allegedly throwing Holder around, dragging her from room to room and choking her so hard he left deep marks, but we couldn't actually see it.

So Greg got to play football again.

Today, Deadspin published an in-depth report that shows photo evidence of the damage Hardy inflicted on Holder.

Photos of Greg Hardy's then-girlfriend in alleged domestic violence incident are released. (via @Deadspin) — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) November 6, 2015

The account details her desperate plea for help and the harrowing events that took place the evening she was attacked, as well as the weeks and months that followed.

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