Gareth Bale Spent An Absurd Amount Of Money On His Wedding Proposal


At the moment, Real Madrid star Gareth Bale reportedly earns roughly $396,360 a week. Now, I'm no mathematician, but according to my calculations, that's $20,610,720 a year.

That's more money than you and I will probably ever see in a lifetime, but even if I did make that much in a single calendar year, I doubt I'd pony up over half a million dollars to propose to my girlfriend.

I love you, babe, but I think we'd both agree money would be better spent elsewhere.

Apparently, that's exactly what Gareth Bale did, though. According to reports, Bale rented a private island, Tagomago, near Ibiza, Spain for a whopping $515,268 in order to give his girlfriend, Emma Rhys-Jones, the perfect wedding proposal.

Call me a cynic, but my first thought after reading about Bale's extravagant expenditure was, what if she said no?

Mercifully, that wasn't the case.

She said yes!! This is a birthday weekend I won't forget for a long time — Gareth Bale (@GarethBale11) July 17, 2016

If Gareth Bale spent $515,268 to secure a private island for a wedding proposal, how much do you think he dropped on the engagement ring?

It looks like Bale and his fiancé had some pretty nice accommodations on this private island in the Mediterranean.

Of course, Bale's Real Madrid teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo, already stayed at this exclusive spot in paradise.

In any event, it looks like congratulations are definitely in order for the future Mr. and Mrs. Gareth Bale.

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