FOX Draws Big, Droopy Penis During 49ers-Dolphins Game

William Stern

FOX gave a whole new meaning to #FinsUp when the telestrator drew a massive penis during the 49ers-Dolphins game.

Let's appreciate the immature hilarity together for one second.

It was a penis. A big, floppy member scrawled across our TV screens (te-he-he).

The cock-up happened when the telestrator was used to break down a pass early on in the game.

Obviously, it didn't go unnoticed. Twitter went momentarily middle school and giggled hard.

The foul play was confirmed by John, who tweeted,

Yes, the Dolphins commentator just drew a penis on your TV screen #FinsUp.

Some viewers, like Drake, had to double-take. He asked the internet,

Anyone see the commentator on the Dolphins-49ers game draw a penis just a moment ago?

Then there was Breezy, who got pretty hyped about the memes.


Eli The Meme Lord LOL-ed hard -- and we LOL hard with him.


On a serious note, the Dolphins dominated today, beating the 49ers 31-24 -- making it their sixth consecutive victory.

But it wasn't an easy win. Fans were literally on the edge of their seats in the last quarter when the 49ers were within the 10 yard zone with only five seconds left of the game and the Dolphins at only a seven -point lead.

The quarterback Ryan Tannehill was crucial to their game at the Hard Rock Stadium as he had a total of 20 out of 30 completions, for 285 yards.

After the game, running back Jay Ajayi, 23, said,

Great job on defense, fourth-quarter shootout, defense held it up for us at the end of the game.

Tight end Dion Sims, 25, thanked the fans for their huge pipes. He said,

Hey fans, appreciate the support -- we heard you out there. Let's keep this thing rolling -- go fins.

The Miami Dolphins will clash with the Baltimore Ravens on December 4.