Fantasy Bust Bus: Nine Players Who Forgot To Show Up In Week 4

From beer towers to nachos, NFL Sundays are great for any number of reasons, not least of which is fantasy football.

No matter how bad your NFL team is, you still have an interest in almost every other game that's going on, and you can still "win" on Sunday -- unless you're a Steelers fan who had Josh Scobee on your fantasy team.

But just like supporting your favorite NFL squad, there will undoubtedly be the disappointment of a terrible fantasy football week. And the absolute worst feeling is being let down by a player you drafted high and were banking on to lead you to workplace glory.

We get it, and thousands of other football fans get it, too.

From QB to D/ST, here's the starting squad that disappointed the most in Week 4.

QB Colin Kaepernick: 9 points (ppr scoring)

It hasn't been San Francisco's year, has it? Now 1-3, the Niners have a boatload of issues to tackle, first of which is at the quarterback position.

Kaepernick completed just 13 passes for 160 yards on Sunday, throwing one interception and no touchdowns in the process. Despite his 18-point projection, it's becoming abundantly clear Kaep "ain't Russell Wilson."

RB Lamar Miller: 4 points (ppr scoring)

It's gone from bad to worse for the 1-3 Miami Dolphins, who are now without a head coach following the firing of Joe Philbin.

Lamar Miller was supposed to be one of the highest-scoring fantasy running backs in the NFL, but all 26 yards and four points will get you is a dishonorable mention.

RB Arian Foster: 4 ponts (ppr scoring)

Arian Foster's fantasy owners were over the moon about the Texans running back returning to action this past Sunday, but that excitement was put on hold real quick following Foster's output of just 10 rushing yards and one lost fumble. Welcome back, fam.

WR Odell Beckham Jr.: 8 points (ppr scoring)

Getty Images

The New York Giants were rocking and rolling in Buffalo on Sunday, but their best offensive weapon had little to do with that.

After putting up monster scorelines the previous two weeks, OBJ looked incredibly human by finishing with five catches and 38 receiving yards.

WR Julio Jones: 7 points (ppr scoring)

It's been nothing but feast for Julio Jones' fantasy owners this season.

Week 4, however, produced an incredible famine. Held to just 38 yards on four receptions, Jones failed to get his in Atlanta's 48-21 drubbing of Houston.

TE Greg Olsen: 4 points (ppr scoring)

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Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen looked like a fantasy stud in Week 3, but in Week 4 it looked like he'd never played football before.

Held to just two catches and 28 yards, Olsen fell well short of expectations.

W/R/T Antonio Brown: 9 points (ppr scoring)

Nine points may not sound like a complete fantasy bust, but when you've put up at least 20 points every week prior, that number becomes as glaring as a scarlet letter.

Sure, not having Ben Roethlisberger played into Brown's diminished numbers, but let's not forget about that touchdown he dropped in the end zone on a beautifully thrown ball from Michael Vick.

K Kyle Brindza: 4 points (ppr scoring)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Since they landed the number one pick in the NFL draft last April, it hasn't gone according to plan for the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Their quarterback, Jameis Winston, isn't coming along as quickly as the franchise would've hoped, and now they need to find a new kicker after parting ways with Kyle Brindza, who went one for four on field goals this week.

D/ST HOUSTON: -5 points (ppr scoring)

It's one thing to be let down by fantasy players who are supposed to put up big numbers, but it's quite another to actually have your team lose points because of a fantasy team member.

That was the case for owners of Houston's defense, though, in Week 4. JJ Watt and Co. gave up 48 points to the Falcons and looked like they couldn't stop a runny nose.