Everyone's A Winner! The 20 Sexiest Fans At The 2014 World Cup

by Julian Sonny

The 2014 World Cup has been one for the ages. In 63 games played so far, we've seen some remarkable talent... and I'm not even talking about on the pitch!

The female fans of the World Cup have not disappointed, and it really reminds us all in America what we're missing out on. These women are loyal, passionate about sports and straight-up stunning.

Which country reigns supreme when it comes to having the sexiest fans at the World Cup? We'll let you decide. Here is the best the 2014 FIFA World Cup had to offer.

First and foremost, shout out to the USA!

Russia proved they truly are the motherland.

And Spain impressed as usual.

Unfortunately, the Greeks were a little sad.

Korea was well-represented in Brazil.

It's a shame Croatia couldn't last in the tournament.

And I was really rooting for Mexico.

Here's the 17-year-old Belgian girl who got a modeling contract at the World Cup.

This Colombian fan made headlines simply by loving life.

She's since been identified as Natalia Betancourt.

She's not the only proud Colombian.

Here's another one!

Of course, the host country of Brazil showed up.

Even when they're caught off guard...

...They're on point.

You can actually see her team spirit!

The real question is: Germany?

Or Argentina?

But this is the one who still has all of our hearts.

At the end of the day, we are all one!

Top Photo Courtesy: Twitter