It's Over: ESPN Officially Decided To Stop Publishing Grantland


ESPN's announcement that the company will be "suspending" publishing on its sports and pop culture website can be read plainly: Grantland is no more.

The "Worldwide Leader in Sports" confirmed the demise of the niche website in a statement many described as a convenient "Friday News Dump."

The official statement from ESPN's PR arm reads,

The announcement comes some six months after ESPN ended its increasingly tumultuous relationship with Bill Simmons, the ever-popular sportswriter who made his reputation on mixing pop culture allusions with editorial writing and built the Grantland site in his own image.

Since the end of Simmons' employment at ESPN in May, the company failed to hire a permanent editor-in-chief, despite stating on numerous occasions it was committed to continuing publication of the site.

As numerous writers proceeded to leave Grantland to work for Simmons at his new employer, HBO, and other big names left to accept roles at the likes of The New York Times and New York magazine, ESPN's commitment began to seem even more questionable.

Today, however, the speculation ended. Grantland appears to be no more, "effective immediately."