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An ESPN Anchor Just Cut Through All The BS On Cam Newton's Dancing (Video)

I don't know how you feel about Cam Newton critics, and you don't know how I feel, but now we definitely know what Robert Flores thinks.

In just 15 seconds, the "SportsCenter" anchor pulled no punches in pointing out what he clearly feels is a bit of hypocrisy coming from those who give Cam Newton flack for his touchdown celebrations.

Some might say Newton's celebration are excessive. But other players who celebrate in a similar fashion, like Kansas City's Travis Kelce, never seem to catch any criticism, Flores argues.

Then he offered his own blunt explanation as to why. He said,

Oh, because he's not black.

Sheesh, no beating around the bush there. Here's the vid:

U da realest @RoFloESPN #Dab — Dab Newton (@CainMcCoy) November 30, 2015