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Draymond Green's Tweets Reveal He Was A Huge LeBron Hater In College

Ah, don't you love when things come full circle?

When the Warriors face the Cavaliers this Thursday for Game 1 of the NBA Finals, you can expect Draymond Green to match up against LeBron James on several occasions.

You might also expect the two most vocal personalities in this championship series to share a mutual sense of respect... Unless you've read Green's tweets from his days in college where he expressed his lack of esteem for James, that is.

It's clear Green was a super LeBron hater during his time at Michigan State, and his tweets look the way you'd expect them to look. There's no surprise there.

But with the two set to meet in the last series of the NBA calendar, Green's 140-characters-or-less anti-LeBron rants are must-sees.

Thankfully, one Imgur user put together a collection of the best Bron-bashing tweets from Green's sophomore and junior years of college. A few of the best are below.

Dray wasn't having any of the LeBron/Jordan comparisons...

...at all!

Like most LeBron haters, Dray was also a big Kobe fan.

So, you know he had the jokes on deck...

...especially when it came to injuries.

Well, he was right about this.

But we'll just have to see about this...

...come Thursday night!