The Denver Broncos' Super Bowl 50 Rings Will Straight-Up Blind You

You might think you had a great weekend, but I can almost assure you it wasn't as spectacular as the Denver Broncos' weekend.

Sunday, DeMarcus Ware, Peyton Manning and the rest of the 2015 Denver Broncos collected their Super Bowl 50 rings. And, as you're about to see -- as long as you're wearing sunglasses -- these babies are some major bling.

As Ware says, the above picture probably doesn't do a ring with a reported 212 diamonds any justice. Five carats? Damn.

My girl's over here begging me for one diamond, and every member of the Super Bowl champions Broncos now has at least 212. SMH.

A picture might not do this ring justice, but linebacker Von Miller did a little better than Ware in terms of trying to show us how blinding this prize is.

The Denver Broncos' team Twitter account also captured a great shot of the Super Bowl 50 spoils.

CJ Anderson is pretty pumped about his latest acquisition...

...and so is wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.

According to reports, the ring features the Super Bowl 50 logo and championship trophy on top. The sides showcase 56 stones to highlight the Broncos' 56 years in the NFL.

The top and bottom edges of the ring reportedly have 15 stones to represent Denver's 15 wins during the 2015 season. Each player's name and number are also featured on the ring.

Yes, despite all the diamonds and detail, we are still talking about just one ring.

The price of the Super Bowl 50 ring has yet to be revealed, but according to reports, the New England Patriots' 2014 Super Bowl rings were each worth $36,500. So, give it your best guess.

Regardless of how much each of these rings is worth, they're definitely some of the brightest pieces of bling you'll ever lay eyes on.

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