Twitter Is Going Nuts About The 'Best Missed Dunk Of All Time'

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Anything missed in sports is never good.

A missed field goal attempt can break a fan's heart.

@dpshow Worst day of my life.... — Daryll Grant (@DariusStorm) January 10, 2016

A missed penalty kick can turn you into an internet meme.

And a missed dunk is almost always embarrassing. That is, unless you're DeMar DeRozan.

During Team USA's exhibition against China on Tuesday night, the Toronto Raptors star didn't just try any type of dunk. Oh no, the man went for a two-handed 360 over a taller defender.

It might simply be the greatest missed dunk of all time. So, it's no surprise that people were going crazy about it on Twitter.

I've never seen someone attempt what @DeMar_DeRozan tried to do last night my goodness — Sam Dekker (@dekker) July 27, 2016
@DeMar_DeRozan you wild for that one fam!! — Jordan Williams (@Jwilliams20) July 27, 2016

DeRozan's almost highlight is a reminder of what USA basketball is all about these days. We don't really expect the games to be competitive anymore.

But with so many talented players on the court at the same time, some crazy things are bound to happen once in a while... like a player trying a 360 in an opponent's face.

Had it actually gone down, it would've been an instant poster. But the title of "best missed dunk of all time" isn't too bad, either.