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David Ortiz Has The Most Unrealistic Final Wish For Yankees Fans

David Ortiz is smoking that good stuff, apparently.

Speaking at the Red Sox spring training base in Fort Myers, Florida, Boston's heavy hitter revealed one of his wishes for his last professional season.

He reportedly said,

You know what I want most of all? I would love it if the fans at Yankee Stadium gave me a standing ovation which this Yankees fan can only reply, why on Earth would that ever happen?

Ortiz is man who led the Red Sox to killing their curse in 2004, with a miraculous comeback from an 0-3 deficit in the ALCS, effectively ending the Yankees' reign over the AL East and killing their once impenetrable mojo.

And he knows it, too. He continued,

The Yankees were the team to beat back then. Being able to do what we did was something that was very special. It was career-lifting for me. People get to know you better, focus on you a little more. If you continue to be successful, you can build a career out of it.

Needless to say, he is not liked at Yankee Stadium.

And even though Derek Jeter got a warm reception from Fenway Park during his last days in Major League Baseball, Ortiz is far from the universally liked figure that is Jeter.

So I'm going to go just a little bit out on a limb and say that standing ovation won't happen.

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