An MLB Player Got Hit In The Penis And The Video Will Make You Cringe

At the moment, the Atlanta Braves are in last place in the National League East, a full 30 games behind the division leaders, the Washington Nationals.

While this season has been pretty miserable for the Braves, one bright spot on the team is promising young shortstop Dansby Swanson. Not only is the 22-year-old Swanson leading the Braves in hitting since his promotion to the majors in August, he's also one of the best-looking dudes in Major League Baseball.

dansby swanson — kay (@_kayleejessica_) September 1, 2016

I mean, just look at that smile.

But when things are going bad, not even a gorgeous angel like Dansby Swanson is safe. Monday night, during the Braves' game against the Miami Marlins, Swanson took a shot right in the penis on an errant throw by Atlanta's catcher, Tyler Flowers.

The worst part? The above injury occurred during warm-ups.

You can hear the announcer in the above Vine say Dansby Swanson got hit in the shin, but that simply doesn't appear to be the case. The injury to Swanson's penis was so bad, he reportedly left the game.

Speaking about the injury to his best young player, Atlanta Braves manager Brian Snitker said,

That's unfortunate, but you don't stand behind anybody when they are playing catch. It got him good, too. I think he will be all right.

"Unfortunate?" Brian, please. Your best players just took a shot in the penis, and you're out here blaming him? How about your catcher actually throws the ball back to the pitcher?

I'd like to take a moment to remind everyone this happened during warm-ups, not even live action!

Also, props to MLB for calling this a "right groin contusion."

Can't we just be adults and say Dansby Swanson got hit in the penis? There's no need to get all scientific with it.

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