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D'Angelo Russell Explains Himself After Secretly Recording Nick Young

The biggest question on everyone's mind after yesterday's big news emerged from LA was straightforward: What was D'Angelo Russell thinking?

Last night, he got a chance to answer that question and more.

Before a game against the Miami Heat, the Lakers guard told reporters,

This just got in the wrong hands. It wasn't a prank, it wasn't for anybody else to see. It was for my eyes [and] his eyes only and that was it.

The LA Times posted a video of that pre-game press conference, which includes comments from Nick Young, who said he'll handle the matter with D'Angelo behind closed doors.

But, Russell also got to speak on the issue after the game.

He said he "can't show [his] face" anywhere...

...and said it's on him to show how sorry he is from here.

And despite reports indicating the whole team isolated him, it seems as though one notable player hasn't.

Russell scored 16 points on Wednesday night in the Lakers' overtime win against the Heat.