Half A College Football Team Was Suspended For Buying School Supplies

In today's WTF news: Roughly half the Charleston Southern University football team has been suspended for Saturday's game against FSU for, wait for it, buying school supplies.


According to reports, three CSU players announced on social media at least 30 players have been suspended for the game against Florida State because they technically spent book money on supplies other than actual books.

Like, they were in the bookstore, but they bought pencils, binders, electronics, you know, things a college student might need for class.

Apparently, this is a violation of NCAA rules, despite the fact the players claim the CSU bookstore staff told them to use the excess book money before it was taken from them.

According to CSU running back Ben Robinson, the players who violated this bullshit NCAA (Evil Empire) rule were given an ultimatum: either sit for the FSU game or miss their conference game the week after.

Speaking on this farce, Robinson said,

So basically about 30+ players on my team including me have been suspended for using book money to buy other things in the book store like pencils, binders, and electronics, out of our school bookstore. We would have left over book money and the workers in the bookstore advised us to spend the money because we would not get it back, so we did. Now the school and NCAA are saying that is against the rules. So we all have to pay a fine and sit out a game. About 30mins before practice started I was given the option of sitting out this week against FSU or next game against a conference opponent.

CSU wide receiver Colton Korn explained his position in a FB post, which he eloquently ended with an appropriate Emily Dickinson quote.

It's a shame Colton is being punished for trying to expand his English literature education.

CSU lineman Frank Cirone reportedly insists the entire offensive line will be suspended for the FSU game, which puts 37.5-point underdog CSU at an even greater disadvantage.

Speaking on the suspension, Cirone reportedly said,

It is unfortunate Charleston Southern University only cares about itself as an institution. The protection of its students/athletes should be a number one priority. This is the second time in two years I am ineligible to participate due [to] issues that could of been avoided if the necessary steps were taken by Charleston Southern.

This is an absolute outrage, and both the NCAA and Charleston Southern University should be ashamed of themselves.

At the end of the day, student-athletes are being suspended for buying school supplies, and that is absolutely pathetic.

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