Cristiano Ronaldo Has Another New Girlfriend And She's A Playboy Model (Photos)


Cristiano Ronaldo bagging a new girl is always going to make the news -- even in America -- but the Portuguese soccer star has really outdone himself this time.

If you remember the story of the Chilean Playboy model, Daniella Chavez, who gave her boyfriend a threesome for his birthday, then you already know about her!

According to this Venezuelan news reporter stripping on live television, the two are currently spending lots of time together.

Of course, it wasn't too long ago when Cristiano was also dating a couple other reporters and models, but a Playboy bunny has to be one of his greatest accomplishments yet.

So without any further ado, here's everything you need to know about his new girlfriend.

Daniella Chavez is as wholesome as they come.

She also takes really good of her hair.

When Daniella is not modeling for Playboy, she's working out in her home gym.

When she's done she likes to freshen up....

And put on her #OOTD.

In her down time she likes to play some video games...

And play with her selfie stick...

Daniella is really just a big kid at heart!

Of course, she maintains her fantastic figure by eating grapes...

And, umm... whatever this is here.

She causes a scene everywhere she goes.

Luckily, she's usually just at a private beach house.

Daniella has become quite the local celebrity back in Chile where she's from.

She even helps the sailors dock their boats.

There's nothing like a hometown girl!

She might just bring out the squad and then everybody's going to have a great time.

Well, mostly just Ronaldo...

But who says we can't all still peep from the sidelines.

Because of it's on IG, it's for everybody!