This Hot TV Reporter May Be Cristiano Ronaldo's Second GF in 3 Months (Photos)

Cristiano Ronaldo could bag any girl in the world, and yes, that includes your mother. You sick?

Luckily for you, he's sticking with models and TV presenters. Fresh off a fling with his last ting, Real Madrid presenter Lucia Villalon, the soccer God is back at it.

Meet Cristiano's latest loca (and model), Vanessa Huppenkothen.

While I low-key can't find any pictures of them actually together, multiple reports suggest Ronaldo has been seeing Vanessa ever since she visited Spain recently.

Of course, Cristiano just broke it off with model Irina Shayk a few months ago after she didn't want to attend his mother's 50th birthday party.

But, we're not going to talk about that old sh*t. Nope. Just like Ronaldo, we're going to keep it moving and enjoy the latest fruits of his labor.

Vanessa is a Mexican TV presenter and published model.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest soccer player in the world and worth $250 million.

According to the Mirror, the two have been seeing each other a short while.

You might recognize her as the super hot World Cup reporter.


Of course, Cristiano had to scoop that!

While Vanessa reports on soccer, she's also a Seahawks fan.

Or is she a Patriots fan?

Don't get too excited about this, Romo.

She's not interested in guys not named Ronaldo.

You better believe her ex-boyfriend is sick to his stomach.

She dumped him for a real one.

I wonder if his teammates ever try to hit on her?

Or are they just really happy for him?

The real question is this: How long will this be able to hold Cristiano down?

Because this would hold me down for life.

Just look at that smug-ass face.

I'm done!