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A Bunch Of Crazy Fans Brutally Attacked This Soccer Player Following A Match

In the latest edition of my non-official column, “hardcore sports fans are insane,” a group of soccer fans brutally attacked a young player after a match in Spain over the weekend.

The mob, presumably angry after their team lost, rushed the field after the match and attacked a player known as Samuel G.P., strangling him and eventually stabbing him twice in the chest. The team's assistant coach, trying to intervene, was stabbed in the leg.

Despite getting hit in the sternum and heart, the 24-year-old player is expected to survive. He underwent open heart surgery immediately after the assault and is in recovery, according to local news reports.

In a statement addressing the attack, the team president simply said,

Soccer is crazy. It's going crazy.

Going crazy? Nope, I'm pretty sure crazy came and went. What happened over the weekend can only be described as unhinged, senseless violence.

Police are investigating the incident.

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