NHL Rookie Sensation Scores Insane Goal And Sends Twitter Into A Frenzy


Last night, NHL rookie sensation Connor McDavid scored the goal of the NHL season.

The 19-year-old Oilers center broke defenders' ankles, deaked Columbus' goalie and scored with ease.

You know the goal was filthy because as soon as he scored, the crowd at Rexall Place arena immediately looked at the big screen for the replay. What makes McDavid's goal even more special is the fact he missed the previous 37 games with an injury.

As you might expect, not only did the Rexall Place crowd explode, but so did all of Twitter. Here are the best tweets in response to McDavid's video game-type goal.

Last night, Edmonton Oilers rookie center Connor McDavid scored an epic goal.

It was so good, in fact, it's probably the only thing people are talking about at the office this morning.

It really is the type of play you need to watch at least 14 times to even begin to appreciate.

Or maybe it's 22.

What makes McDavid's play even more unbelievable is the fact he missed the previous 37 games because of an injury.

There are plenty who are convinced he used some kind of magic to create such a play.

It's hard to argue that goal wasn't inspiring.

Hey, "SportsCenter," y'all want to give some love to hockey now?

McDavid's goal was so good, we're out here with a "forensic audit" trying to get to the bottom of it.

This is a pretty accurate description, TBH.

Connor McDavid definitely loves us.

And after a goal like last night's, we love him, too.