Colin Kaepernick Is Really Skinny Now, And We're Not Sure What To Make Of It

Despite all the rumors of a trade to the Denver Broncos, quarterback Colin Kaepernick remains with the San Francisco 49ers... for now.

But, this constant back-and-forth talk might just be weighing on Kaep's mind and, it appears, his body. Recently, Kaepernick took a picture with Cole DeBoer on the set of "Teen Mom 2," and the former NFC champion is looking skinny AF.

Personally, I think the slim look works on Kaep, but there's no way an active NFL quarterback should have skinnier arms than the dude he's taking a picture with.

I mean, just look at Colin Kaepernick putting in work about a year ago.

This dude was jacked no matter what sport he was participating in.

Kaepernick used the legs of a gazelle and the upper body of a warrior to outrun NFL defenses just a little while ago.

Now, it looks like he's not strong enough to throw a ball 15 yards.

What's going on, Kaep?

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