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One Of The Best Pitchers In Baseball Exists On Pizza, Tacos And Red Meat

Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale is one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball. He also has the diet of a picky 11-year-old.

Sale, 26, led the American League in strikeouts last year, but he also might be the unofficial league leader in eating the most pizza, steak, tacos and cheeseburgers  in 2015.

Speaking on his diet, Sale reportedly said,

We don't miss many taco nights. My wife makes phenomenal tacos. So I would say steak, cheeseburgers and taco night.

He also reportedly enjoys pizza but does, at least, consider that "junk food."

The four-time MLB All-Star weighs in at 180 pounds, and despite surviving, and thriving, on a diet most would consider very unhealthy, he just can't get his weight anywhere close to his goal of 200 pounds.

Tough life, right?

So, not only does Sale dominate on the field while eating the food we all try so hard to avoid, but he also looks like a chiseled stud while doing it.

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