Why The Chiefs Should Be On Everyone's Radar Ahead Of Wildcard Weekend

by Allison Case
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The regular season is over and the playoff picture is set.

Here is where the fun begins, and right in the center of that fun is the team everyone should be talking about, from the heart of Kansas City.

While there are several other teams who have talent and experience in their favor, like the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers, the Kansas City Chiefs have something unique.

They have resilience.

Resilience is what brought them from the basement of the AFC West to a commanding run to the wild card spot.

They went from an unimpressive 1 to 5 start, plagued with injuries and bad play, to an unbelievable 10-game winning streak.

The Chiefs have a resilience and determination that will not go under the radar in the playoffs.

In no way, shape or form are they a team who has been grabbing headlines, but that's what works for them.

They are out of the spotlight and they prefer it that way.

But, it won't be that way for long.

With the Chiefs overcoming the odds to cruise into the postseason, they should be the talk of the town because they deserve the recognition.

The beginning of the season was enough to make any team simply want to quit.

But the Chiefs did anything but, as they used their strength on defense to make a statement in the AFC West.

Their offense proved that a big-name quarterback isn't necessary to have a winning team.

Quarterback Alex Smith, who was essentially pushed out of the San Francisco 49ers after the arrival of Colin Kaepernick, has taken his first two seasons in KC to learn the ropes.

Now, with his third season, he has taken the dominant Chiefs to the playoffs.

Smith's ability to protect the ball led him to only throwing seven interceptions on the season.

He also has one of the lowest interception rates in the NFL, as he threw 312 consecutive passes without an interception earlier this season.

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With a developing leader like Smith and dynamic talent in the likes of Jeremy Maclin and Marcus Peters, the Chiefs were able to control both sides of the ball and improve their game, all in one season.

Throughout the season, the Chiefs faced a difficult road to their 11 to 5 finish.

With injuries sidelining vital players like Jamaal Charles in the beginning, their 10-game win streak allowed them to take revenge on previous defeats.

The Chiefs defeated the Broncos and the Vikings after losses to both teams in the beginning of the season.

They also defeated the playoff-bound Steelers on their quest to make it to January.

Not only do the Chiefs have the talent and will to win, they also have the world on their side.

This season marked the return of Eric Berry, who overcame cancer to make his way back to Arrowhead Stadium.

After being diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma during the 2014 season, Berry sought treatment and fought his way back to the practice field in July, and then to the starting lineup.

Berry's feel-good story was highlighted by his dominant play, helping to make the defense one of the most feared in the NFL.

All of the eyes have been on the big names in the playoff picture, but it really is Kansas City that deserves to be talked about.

Ten wins in a row? How about a defense that's only allowed 17.9 points per game?

No, it's not the number one seed, it is the wild card Kansas City Chiefs.

So, let's talk about them.

The Kansas City Royals already won the World Series.

This might be the year the Chiefs bring another championship back to KC.