Chase Adams Is 13 Years Old And Only 5 Feet Tall, But He's The Future Of Basketball (Video)

It seems like every year the future top prospects get identified at younger ages. Guys like Thon Maker and Seventh Woods are only sophomores in high school, but have long been considered NBA prospects. But, Thon Maker is more than 7 feet tall and Seventh Woods has a grown man's body, so their skills are secondary to their physical gifts at this point.

Not so with Chicago's Chase Adams. The 5-foot-nothing point guard is only in 8th grade, but displays the handles, court vision and shooting skills of someone who has been playing basketball for decades. Only 13 years old, he hopefully has several more inches of growing to do and years of development time to continue improving.

There's no doubt in my mind that this kid would shake me like a puppet if I tried to play him. Which is embarrassing because I'm 13 inches taller.

The shortest players currently in the NBA are Isaiah Thomas and Nate Robinson who are both listed at 5'9".

H/T: Bleacher Report