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Is This Why Cam Newton Walked Out Of His Super Bowl 50 Press Conference?

Last night, Cam Newton's critics came out of the woodwork after the Carolina Panthers quarterback not only failed to play at his best against the Denver Broncos but also walked out in the middle of his postgame press conference.

Some called the move immature, but now, it appears there may have been more to the exit than just Cam being upset after losing Super Bowl 50.

At the same time Newton was being grilled by the media, Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. was talking to the press about Denver's game plan to stop Newton and Carolina's offense by making them try to throw the football instead of running it.

You can hear Harris' comments in the video below, and you can see Cam heard them, too, causing people to speculate this is the real reason Newton left his presser in the middle.

THIS is why Cam walked out (listen to what's being said in the background). — Brian (@bmweezy13) February 8, 2016

Apparently, Harris didn't know Cam could hear him and, rightfully, blamed the NFL for putting the two so close to each other for their respective press conferences.

Chris Harris to me after realizing later his voice was audible during Cam's presser: “Damn that's the NFL's fault for putting us that close" — Josina Anderson (@JosinaAnderson) February 8, 2016

You have to feel for Cam a bit here, but all the credit in the world goes to Harris and the rest of that Broncos defense.

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