Bride Pulls Hilarious Wedding Cake Prank On Football-Obsessed Husband (Photos)

Newlyweds Rob and Amanda Sabin have one thing in common: They're both major college football fans.

The problem is they root for different teams. Rob is all about Alabama, and Amanda is a die-hard Florida Gators fan.

Before the wedding, Rob had the opportunity to pick out a design for his groom's cake, and without hesitation, he decided to make it Alabama-themed.

He selected a football field for the cake's design and requested a fondant version of coach Nick Saban on an elephant, holding a crystal football on top.

All things considered, it was a pretty epic football-themed cake. Rob called the bakery and thanked the baker for “such a dream come true.”

Little did he know, Amanda planned a hilarious revenge prank.

Meet Rob and Amanda.

Rob is an Alabama fan.

And Amanda is a Gators fan.

When they got married, the groom's cake was Alabama-themed.

Little did he know, his wife planned a seriously great prank.

When it came time to cut the cake...

He realized the inside was blue and orange -- Florida colors.

At first, he was pretty mad about it.

But, he soon realized it was just a harmless prank...

...and he was all smiles.

And now they'll live happily ever after in a college football-obsessed home.

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