Boyfriend Tryouts: 5 Reasons You Should Date A Guy Who Plays Baseball

by Miranda Kulp

Spring training marks one of the best times of the year: the return of baseball. With America’s favorite pastime and most beloved sport, comes some of America’s most beloved men.

Baseball players can be a guy's guy around their teammates, and then a complete sweetheart when it comes to relationships. With their all-American charm, they're the type of guys women want to bring home to meet the family. They have the looks we all love and the hearts of the type of guys our dads want us to end up with.

Additionally, you’re lying if you don’t think baseball pants are one of the most attractive things a guy could wear. Between good luck and even better personalities, guys who play baseball kill the game both on and off the diamond.

In honor of this great sport coming back, I present to you the top five reasons why baseball players make perfect boyfriend material.

He’s both physically and emotionally strong.

Baseball demands its players to be in top-notch shape. They run, catch and throw, which means most practices are a full body workout.

These guys have legendary arms, great for throwing a runner out or holding their significant others after the game. Once these guys put their arms around you, you'll instantly be in love.

Although they're physically strong, baseball guys are also in control of their emotions. All athletes play with their heart and soul, and baseball players have to constantly keep control of their emotions for what can be hours of playing time.

If baseball players can keep their emotions in control for nine innings of intense games, they can handle themselves in relationships.

He’s committed.

Baseball players are some of the most dedicated men out there. Their sport involves months of games that can go on for hours and never-ending training during the off season.

They're used to hours of playing one single game, and usually following that night, they have two more games playing the exact same team. These guys know how to give their all and stay committed to what they love.

He works well under pressure.

Baseball is a high pressure sport. When going up to bat, players know it's literally a hit-or-miss situation.

Men who can handle pressure always make the best boyfriends because they know how to react in tricky situations and take charge of the issue.

Guys who play baseball know how to think well under intense situations, and also know how to make the right decision in seconds. If you two were to fight, he would know how to use his head and handle the situation before things got out of hand.

Going to a baseball game is a perfect date.

One of the best things about baseball is that it's a spring and summer sport. The weather is perfect for being outside.

A classic summertime date is something you both can enjoy; baseball guys love being outdoors so your relationship will never be restricted to the typical dinner and a movie date.

Baseball games let you both enjoy the sport he loves outdoors, and the games are long enough that you'll have time to talk and get to know each other better.

He’s a team player.

Baseball is a team sport; these guys know how to work alongside one another for the better of the team.

The most successful relationships involve teamwork. There should always be two people willing to work together to make their love grow.

Baseball players are already used to the teamwork mentality, so they'll be sure to treat the relationship as a teamwork effort.