This Blind Student Is Going To Join The USC Football Team 'As A Player'

The latest announcement from Jake Olson, a freshman long snapper at the University of Southern California, was six years in the making.

On Monday night, Olson took to Twitter to reveal he will finally feel what it's like to be a player for the USC Trojans.

Tomorrow I walk out onto Howard Jones field not as a fan or honorary member, but as a player for the USC Trojans! #fighton — Jake Olson (@jakethesnakeo) September 15, 2015

A USC spokesman told ESPN "it is likely" Olson practices with the team on Tuesday. The fact such an event is within the realm of possibility, though, is a miracle in itself.

Olson was born with retinoblastoma, a cancer that demanded doctors take away his left eye before he was a year old.

By the age of 12, the cancer returned eight times. On the ninth occasion, doctors had to take away Jake's right eye away as well.

All of that info on the specifics of Olson's illness were details in a memorable feature done by ESPN's Shelley Smith, who recently became a cancer survivor herself.

During that feature, Olson was filmed spending some of his last moments with eyesight among the members of his favorite football team, the USC Trojans.

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Four years later, ESPN caught up with the Olson family again in another feature, and the video revealed something incredible. Jake was suddenly a high school junior and a football player.

Like most high school football players, Jake wanted to play for his favorite college football team. Now, it looks like that dream, in some capacity, will come true.

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