Yes, You Can Blame The NFL For Donald Trump Being Elected President


President-elect Donald Trump.

If you're sitting there wondering whom to blame for Donald Trump being elected the 45th president of the United States, then you can shout at the racists, the xenophobes, the KKK, David Duke and every other deplorable all you want, but your anger would be misplaced.

See, if you're looking for someone to blame, then look no further than the National Football League.


According to an article published by the New York Post, Donald Trump came agonizingly close to successfully buying the NFL's Buffalo Bills in 2014.

Speaking with WBEN-FM in 2014, Trump said,

I know so many people in Buffalo, and they have asked me about looking at that and I certainly would look at it.

The president-elect of the United States reportedly submitted a $1 billion bid to buy the Bills, but he was outbid by a $1.4 billion cash bid from Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula.

Trump didn't appreciate losing to Pegula, and he responded in typical Trump fashion via Twitter.


Trump gonna Trump, right?

In 2015, the next president of the United States sat down with Sports Illustrated for an interview, and the topic of Trump's failed NFL bid took center stage.

Point blank, Trump made it clear if he had been successful in his bid to buy the Bills, he wouldn't have even run for president.

Speaking with SI, Trump said,

I'm glad [I lost], because if I bought the Buffalo Bills, I probably would not be [running for president], which is much more important.

I'm at a loss for words.

Sure, there's no way to know for certain if Donald Trump was speaking truthfully when he said he wouldn't have thrown his candidacy into this presidential election had he purchased the Buffalo Bills for $1 billion, but we also don't have any reason to believe otherwise.

Is David Duke one of the worst human beings on Earth? Without a doubt. But before you blame him for Trump's America, look to that game you look forward to watching every Sunday afternoon.

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