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Internet Crowns Betty White Super Bowl 50 MVP Before Halftime


Cam Newton hasn't done the dab yet in Super Bowl 50, but Betty White has. And the Internet took notice.

The game had barely started, but everyone's favorite 94-year-old won the Super Bowl when she landed the dab harder than anyone ever has. Y'all thought Cam Newton made it popular, but this Golden Girl is clearly the OG of dabbing.

We've seen plenty of folks try to dab, but few have been able to reenact the move quite like Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Betty White's 94, but she's still sharp as a tack.

Just check her hitting the dab like an acute marksman.

We all love Betty White.

And I hope I can keep it 100 like her for the rest of 2016.

Betty White, everyone.

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