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Mets Prove 'Back To The Future II' Wrong, Eliminate Cubs From Playoffs

"Back to the Future" may have accurately predicted a lot of things, but, sadly, for Cubs fans, it wasn't right about the team winning the World Series.

On Wednesday, the Mets swept the Cubs to win the NLCS, taking the team many believed (or hoped) would win the World Series out of contention.

Slam that DOOR, Jeurys: https://t.co/9lFTXk9VU8 #OwnOctober pic.twitter.com/6kLRp9evYC — MLB (@MLB) October 22, 2015

But Cubs fans don't appear to be angry with the team. Instead, they are taking their aggression out on Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

Maybe we've been thinking of this all wrong. Maybe Back To the Future 2 thing was a Cubs curse, not a prediction. Swept on #BackToFutureDay — Kevin Reynolds (@deckacards) October 22, 2015
Back to the Future was wrong :/ But maybe only a year off — Lauren (@cubsfanscentral) October 22, 2015
Back to the Future II was wrong and a mediocre-at-best sequel. — Chad Finn (@GlobeChadFinn) October 22, 2015
After seeing how wrong Back to the Future 2 was about the Cubs, I'm beginning to question their depiction of the Old West in #3. — Ben Finfer (@BenFinfer) October 22, 2015

Oh well. There's always next year, right?