Incredible 8-Year-Old Kills Her Boxing Moves Like A Mini Ronda Rousey (Video)

Eight-year-old Evnika Saadvakass has been an Internet sensation since her dad, Rustam, started posting videos of his daughter's insane boxing skills.

According to Daily Mail, last April, Rustam said,

It's every child's right to start training when they're under 5 and then use the gained skills for the rest of their life. Actually, this is not a video about sports, but about our parental abilities and things we can give our children today.

Rustam was referring to a video he posted of Evnika throwing 100 punches in less than two minutes.

In her latest video, the young Kazakhstan sensation shows off her skills in some remote woodland area, and it looks like she's certainly kept up with her training.

You have to feel bad for the trees.

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