40 NBA Memes To Perfectly Describe How Your Boyfriend Feels About You

Ahh, good ol' memes, the bread and butter of the Internet.

You know, even though memes are just pictures with captions on them, they can actually exist in any form of media.

Just ask Wikipedia, which as we know, is the most reliable source for anything.

Anyway, when it comes to producing the best memes, no sport tops the NBA.

There's a basketball meme to describe practically every feeling you ever have, even during your relationship.

And for the ladies who want to know how their relationship with "bae" feels from his perspective, worry not. Elite Daily's got you.

Here are 40 NBA memes that perfectly describe every stage of your relationship:

When you guys first make eye contact, but he's trying to act like nothing happened:

When he's trying to tell his boys about how good you look after the first few times he notices you:

When you start tweeting about how much you can't stand all other guys, and he sees an opportunity to get in the picture:

When he's clearly asking "get to know you" types of questions but feels the need to disguise it as just being friendly:

When he takes you out for the two for $20 at Applebee's, basically because he's not sure you're worth the money yet, and the bill still comes out higher than he expected:


When you finally go out on a first date, and when it's over, his friends try to ask him about it all at once:


Then they start trying to give him advice from the sidelines:

When you were both trying to keep it low-key at first, but then he starts claiming you in public:


When you're in the honeymoon phase and everything is rainbows and sunshine:

When you start doing little things for each other, like you fixing up his appearance without him having to ask:

And then he lets you "beat" him at his favorite game:

When you're talking about something you're excited about and he doesn't really care but has to act like it because you're "bae" now:

When he begrudgingly agrees to meet your weird cousins, and he has to act like he's having fun:

When you tell him, "we need to talk," for the first time and it's out of nowhere:

When it's finally time to talk, but you tell him, "it's fine," which obviously means it's not fine, so he's stuck trying to figure out why it's not fine:

It's never fine.

How you look when you clearly want to say something, but you won't say it:

When you finally decide to speak up, but it's in public and people start noticing you, so you agree to resume the argument when you both get home:

The way he reacts because he doesn't even care anymore:

When he just says, "screw it," and starts going off with no filter:

When his words hurt more than you expect and you don't want to deal with him anymore, so you both take a break:

When his boys think he's the man because he told you off:

But, he later starts realizing he made a mistake:

When your friends see him and you clearly told them what happened:


When you guys calm down and start talking to each other again but it's clearly not the same:

When he has a dream you got with someone else and realizes he has to get you back before it's too late:

When he starts showing his softer side and telling you how he feels and you try not to cry:

But, you finally get back together:

When you throw an attitude just to test him and he actually handles it well:

So, you let him get the last word and he feels like this:

When he starts trying to do things just because you like them, and he really shouldn't, but you still appreciate the effort:

How he feels when he asks you to do something you used to say, "no," to, but you actually said, "yes," this time because he's earned it:

When you start teasing each other about little things:

And reach that stage where you both don't even care about impressing anyone else and start acting like fools together in public:

So, you start taking silly pictures together:


But, you can both still kill the game together:


When you've been together so long, you guys start to love each other's imperfections:

When you both trust each other to go out with your friends and you have to tell other guys you have a man, but they think persistence is key:


When he's celebrating a big accomplishment in front of everybody and the first one he grabs is you:

How serious he has to get when it's time to meet your parents:

How he feels when your father finally approves of him: