20 Highlights From Training Camp To Make You Thirsty For NFL Season


We can finally see the light at the tunnel.

With the NFL set to hold its annual Hall of Fame induction this weekend, which always concludes with the first preseason game of the summer, the good ole gridiron is finally appearing over the horizon.

Training camp is in full swing, and teams have gotten back to business.

And while we all know preseason and training camps are a watered-down version of what we really want, we take we can get in the notoriously un-busy sports summer.

Hey, beggars can't be choosers. And besides, within our favorite teams' returns to practice are little gems that give us teasing previews of what's to come.

These highlights fit that description perfectly, too, and will undoubtedly have you even more thirsty for the start of football season.

If you haven't been paying attention, the Raiders receiving core is legit.

The return of Revis Island to New York is much anticipated.

You just know they're ready to hit somebody.

Aaron Rodgers really shouldn't be this accurate from 45 yards.

The Titans aren't really looking too good.

Sammy Watkins with the burners:

A look into the life of a rookie running back at training camp:

Life Hack: Draft Brandin Cooks for fantasy.

The Jameis Winston-Mike Evans combo will be fun.

Even Tom Brady's catching touchdowns.

You don't want to be in front of them.

This guy should help Andrew Luck a bit...

So, is this one a catch?

This is a warmup, but get that Salsa ready.

Well, the running back competition in Dallas is open...

Juice being Juice.

This'll be handy come playoff time.

Yup, AJ Green's still unstoppable.

Double or nothing.

Feet aren't supposed to move this fast.

Ah, Week 1 really can't come soon enough.