15 Reasons Why A Girl Who Loves Sports Makes The Best Girlfriend

Having a girlfriend is a generally blissful experience, that is a basic truth. Ideally, she complements you, makes you happy and, most importantly, understands you.

And there's nothing that spells out "understanding" like someone who not only appreciates what you love most, but actively enjoys it with you.

Yes, having a girlfriend who loves sports is just a completely different level of amazing, for a number of reasons that make your already happy relationship a fantastic one.

Here are 15 reasons why having a girlfriend who loves sports is simply the best:

She'll Probably Eat All That Terrible Food With You

Wings, burgers, fries, beer: It's all terrible for the body, we know this. But when it's time to watch a big game, we rarely care, and neither will a girlfriend who knows how much it goes hand-in-hand with the sports-watching experience.

She Never Makes Plans On Sundays

It's cute when your girlfriend makes surprise plans for the both of you. It's not so cute though when she does that during your day.

But when Sunday afternoons are sacred to both of you, such a scenario is unthinkable.

She Won't Distract You During Games

There is nothing more annoying than being distracted by someone while you're watching a game, turning your head, then missing the play that will be talked about non-stop on "SportsCenter" the next day.

It's even worse when the person responsible is someone you can't really get mad at, like your girlfriend.

She Probably Has One Of Those Cool Jerseys

Wearing those fitted NFL women's jersey is one of the most low-key cute things your girlfriend can do.

You’re Not Fearful Of What She'll Say

The first thing that most guys do when a girl says she loves sports is quiz her. It's just one of the annoying realities of being a female fanatic.

You'd never worry about what the women who watches just as many games as you do would say, though. Which bring us to this next point...

Your Friends Will Like Her

And that's why she'll jump over the "Will his friends like me?" hurdle so comfortably, an obstacle that either one of you is bound to be fearful of.

Who doesn't like a person who can hold her own in any sports-related debate?

You Can Win Arguments Using Sports Analogies

Hopefully, you'll never have to use the words: "This is just like when LeBron left Cleveland."

She Won't Mind Being In The Cold At The Game

Having to hold someone while everyone else is cheering and screaming their lungs out is sort of lame. If you're actually focused on the game, though, it's hard to even complain about being in the freezing cold.

And if your girlfriend cares just as much, well, it's just makes things that much better, doesn't it?

She Understands Why It's Such A Big Deal To You

The wrong person will try to make fun of you once your whole week is ruined by the way the Jets lost last night (just, you know, for instance). Things can go downhill from there fast.

Next thing you know you're talking about how she squeezes the middle of the toothpaste too often and talking about how you guys need a break. You don't need this in your life.

She'll Help You Win Your Fantasy Football League

Let's face it, the people who are most equipped to help you win your fantasy league are usually your boys, and they're probably in that league with you.

That's a conflict of interest, one that you can totally avoid if your girlfriend loves sports just as much as you.

You'll Have Extra "Me" Time

Pity the man who doesn't have a girl who loves sports. They likely have to allocate their "me" time to watching the game, which is really something that everyone should enjoy.

Get a girlfriend who loves the games just as much as you and not only will you have someone to share all the fun with, but you won't have that Monday Night Football game come back to bite you when you ask for a little time to yourself.

You’ll Never Have To Explain

Ever tried explaining the concept of "downs" in football? The pick-off in baseball? Intentional fouls in basketball? Offsides in hockey or soccer?

It's an excruciatingly painful task, one that is totally avoidable, though, if you have a sports-loving girlfriend.

She Knows What Type Of Presents To Get You Without Asking

Let's be honest, unless your girlfriend is psychic, you're not getting those tickets to the big game, the jersey you wanted or that perfect piece of memorabilia. That is, if your girl isn't into sports.

You Can Have Dates At A Game

The dates that get the best results are those that appeal to what she loves. That's just a fact. Being able to accomplish that while seeing a game live is quite simply a heaven-sent luxury.

She Won’t Think It's Rude When You Check The Score On The Phone

She probably wants to know too, actually.

She's The Best Girlfriend You'll Ever Have

Listen, comparing girlfriends probably shouldn't be something you do in your spare time.

But when it's so easy, which is usually the case when you have a beautiful girl that embarrassed your boys during the last Kobe v. LeBron argument, you might as well take pride in it.