This Makeup Artist Designed The Perfect Look For Each Zodiac Sign


I didn't know Zodiac makeup art was a thing, but holy cow is it impressive.

Meet Setareh Hosseini, a Toronto-based makeup artist and Instagram model who is nothing short of the social media equivalent of Michelangelo at this point.

You see, rather than just showing you how to contour your cheekbones, or do (*Names complicated maneuver.*) with a (*Names rare makeup tool.*) she opts for another art technique that is out of this world.

Literally, like her approach is out of our atmosphere and among the stars as she turns people's bodies into homages to the zodiac calendar.




Full disclosure: I don't really understand, or follow the whole astrological star sign thing.

I live my life the old-fashioned way, by throwing dust in the air and deciding major life decision based on where the dust lies like a Native American spirit ceremony.

The day I take my orders from the sun -- yeah, the sun AKA that bright asshole in the sky -- is the day I give up on trying to live my best life.

Nobody bosses me around aside for me... and that clod of dirt I threw up in the air just now decided whether or not I should write this paragraph on how much I despise the sun.




Each post is uploaded with a horoscope relating to the star sign that she worked on in the post.

So, if you're into that kind of thing and still not throwing Native American dust into the air, you can get your star sign fix from her 'gram.




Seriously, dust-throwing is not crazier than using astrological signs!

OK OK OK, I'll stop. These are all super pretty and Setareh is one amazing artist... just, I don't know, don't knock dust-throwing until you try it.




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