If You're A College Student You Can Get Hulu For Free, But There's A Catch

by Collette Reitz
Jovo Jovanovic

The perception that college students exist solely on ramen diets has lasted so many years because it's true. College kids are not rolling in cash, and now major companies are coming up with a way to help. Spotify and Hulu have teamed up to take it easy on students' bank accounts. Read on to find out how to get Hulu for free in college.

Every college student needs a little downtime. With attending classes, participating in different clubs, and figuring out what to do with the rest of your life (no biggie, right?), you need some time to decompress. Well, according to The Verge, you can now get two awesome services for the price of one. When you purchase a Spotify Premium plan for students, which costs $4.99, you can now get Hulu On-Demand for free. That's right, these companies bundled their services together for students -- all for just under five bucks (and only in the U.S.).

OK, so the Hulu On-Demand streaming is the one with the ads, but c'mon, you're getting it for free. You can use the ad time to finally text your mom back from two days ago. Plus, it's super easy to combine the two if you've already purchased one. For example, if you've already purchased Spotify Premium for Students, you can just activate the Hulu side. If you're already bingeing on no-frills Hulu, you just merge it with your education Spotify account.

What gives for this partnership? Well, Spotify has been trying to create original video content to accompany its music catalog, but it hasn't had great success yet. While they figure out the video side of their services, Spotify decided to partner up with Hulu, an extremely popular video streaming service, in an effort to broaden their customer base.

Is this awesome college deal bumming you out because you're already a proud alum your alma mater? Don't fret: There is a very good chance that this kind of deal will soon expand to all consumers, in some form. The two companies explained that coming together for the college deal is just a "first step" and there will be “offerings targeted at the broader market to follow.”

So, college kids, take advantage of this killer deal (and treat yourself to a non-ramen dinner), and everyone else will sport their gracious loser faces until they can join you.