This Service Actually Lets You Rent Yeezys If You're Desperate

by Robert Anthony

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year or so, you know Yeezys are a hot commodity as far as stylish, trendy footwear goes these days. You can thank Kanye West and Adidas for that.

As a matter of fact, Yeezys are the reason you can't figure out why there's a line of people wrapped around the block of your local sneaker store. People are so obsessed that they'll fork over thousands of dollars JUST to own them.

A few celebrities have even been accused of wearing fake Yeezys. I guess Kim and Kanye didn't like them as much as they appreciate the paparazzi.

Due to their overwhelming popularity, these particular sneakers are rarely ever in-stock, whether you're scouring the Internet for them or keeping your fingers crossed as you walk into your nearest Adidas flagship store.

So, what does one do when there's no possible way to get their hands on a pair of Yeezys? Rent them. Seriously.

There's a company out there called Luxury Swop that lets the Yeezy-crazy peeps of the world rent the sneakers for one to four days before returning them.

According to Complex, rates start at $150 and increase based on the shoe and the number of days you'd be renting them for.

For example, you can rent the latest (and super unobtainable) Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2s for a few days for a fraction of the price it costs to own them.

While this might sound completely unnecessary and a bit bogus, you can't be too shocked. Did you really think with all of the other on-demand rental services out there that you weren't going to come across a company that allows you to rent expensive sneakers?!

The report states,

It's the solution for the world we live in, where people either can't afford shoes, can't obtain them, or just want them to make an impression.

While you may not be able to picture yourself renting a pair of sneakers, there are definitely people out there who are looking to impress a date, show off for the 'Gram or simply save money by forking over $150 to get it out of their system (instead of paying over $1,000 to a reseller).

In a recent interview regarding the overall sneaker renting concept, co-founder Jinette Cordero said,

Our demographic is people who embody this luxury lifestyle. They buy the sneakers already, but they love the service. It includes celebrities, stylists, industry people, and working people who like luxury sneakers.

Other high-end brands offered by Luxury Swop include Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Giuseppe Zanotti and Rick Owens.

So, what happens AFTER the sneakers have tacked on some mileage from being worn by various customers? The company sells them to members on their website for 80 to 90 percent off.

It's a solid idea -- especially when you know there are diehard Yeezy fans out there willing to utilize the product!

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