13 GIFs That Are The Real AF Truth About Working The Fourth Of July


If you have ever worked a holiday, you know it can be quite excruciating. Working the Fourth of July is no different, especially when you see people out of town or just out period.

Chances are your adulting senses were tingling and you did the responsible thing and clocked in for that 9 to 5 during all the fireworks and festivities.

Money still has to be made with or without the holiday, right? That's life.

So, if you happen to be working this Fourth of July, these memes have spoken for you and your situation.

1.  Laughing Through The Initial Realization

It's okay to not be okay.

2. Dramatically Describing Your Feelings

Sometimes dramatics is the only way to describe work angst.

3. Becoming Extremely Impatient With Time

Oh, time.

Have always loved the way you just do what the hell you want, when you want.

4. Creeping On Everyone's Social Media

Not sure why we turn into masochists and make things harder on ourselves by witnessing everyone else's fun.

5. Whining More And Getting Nowhere

Let me whine with dignity, if there's such thing.

6. Anxiously Listing All The Things You'd Rather Be Doing

And literally everything, even walking the dog, sounds better than working.

7. Hoping That Next Year You're Off

And even though you hope for it, there's a chance you'll just do the same thing.

8. Trying To Accomplish Tasks For The Day

Nothing work-related seems worth doing on a holiday. Period.

9. Breaking Down, Yet Again

Gotta get all the frustrations out of your system.

10. Feeling Super Left Behind

The world is not our oyster at the moment, so yes, we're crabby.

11. Singling Yourself Out As The Only Person Working

Things always get so much better when you put the world against you, right?

12. Subtly Accepting That Time Will Pass

And finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel called time.

13. Being Content With Making Money

Hey, this whole emotional process wasn't for nothing. You're actually making money.

Holidays are seemingly like any other day if you have to work, which sucks, but sooner or later you understand that memories are the key.

So, go make yours, any day of the week.