Women Are Sharing Insane Things You Can Do To F*ck With Guys' Minds

We're only eight days into the new year, but ladies everywhere are already crushing the tweet game, as well as the spirits of men.

Women are tweeting ways to stay 10 steps ahead of the f*ckboys with #WasteHisTime2016. The tweets are savage, soul-crushing things to do to guys, and frankly, the best clap backs I've ever seen to the torture so many women face all the time.

The hashtag originated from Christy Anderson who was looking to vent a little about all the things men did to waste HER time in 2015.

Any of these sound familiar, boys?

Christy starts the trend off by hurling the ol' "Sorry, I fell asleep" line back in the guy's face.

Then, women all over start to join the fun.

Some ladies keep the plans simple but still so perfectly evil.

Some are willing to invest a little more time in their revenges.

Some are getting REALLY creative.

There's just something so cathartic about the hashtag...

...for all the ladies burned in the past.

So, don't mess with the ladies this year, guys, because they know EXACTLY how to mess you up...

...and they aren't afraid to get savage.

No mercy for f*ckboys in 2016.

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