These Women Faked Being Pregnant For The Most Ridiculous Reasons Ever (Photos)

The gift of pregnancy is a beautiful, sacred experience. It's an amazing way to score a sweet parking spot or save a sinking relationship.

As evidenced by the previous sentence, I have zero experience with pregnancy, just like the Whisper users who copped to faking the glory of gestation.

Needless to say, everything worked out flawlessly.

They ended up talking all night and sharing their darkest secrets.

Now they're married, and no one feels weird about it.

It worked! They're back together and competing in ballroom dance competitions.

It's a basic human right, TBH.

She's on her 32nd month, and he could not be more amped.

This crafty lady lives with Beyoncé now! Mission accomplished.

Everybody knows babies are like vampires in the court system. They have to be invited in and end up causing huge messes.

She's working from home (aka her neighbor's pool) three days a week now.

Oh, uh…congratulations!

Ah, motherhood.

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