This Woman's Tweets On Why High Divorce Rates Are Her 'Favorite' Went Viral


Arnesa Buljusmic-Kustra, a Bosnian author, wrote a series of linked tweets taking a closer look at United States' high divorce rate, which hovers around 50 percent.

Her tweet series starts off with this eye-catcher:

OK, now, to make this all easier to read, I'm going to transcribe the rest of the tweets, which all appear linearly, into one paragraph.

Essentially, it's a mini-essay, subdivided into tweets, which I will unsubdivide. “Unsubdivide” is not a word, and I could go to to find a better one, but I'm not going to do that. My apologies, dear reader. Yes, I am flawed.

Here is her brutal takedown of people who look down on the United States' high divorce rate.

She explains the institution of marriage has for centuries been used to limit the opportunities and voices of women across the world, to imprison and trap them, to deny them rights and independence.

She also says a high rate of divorce is a sign of a society making an effort -- even if it is not yet as successful as it needs to be -- to rid itself of such trappings.

I'll let Arnesa take it from here. Below are her tweets in order:

In the above, she discusses the difference in marriage rates abroad. But I think, in this country, we still face all these same problems.

Many communities here at home still impose marriage on women and stigmatize women who get divorced, no matter the reason for it. While what Arnesa says is important, we still need to do better.

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