Woman's Side-By-Side Pics Reveal How Easy It Is For Celebs To Fake A Flat Stomach


There are days when I'll spend hours on the floor doing endless crunches with the hope I'll eventually have the flat stomach of a fit celebrity goddess.

I usually lose faith after ten crunches or so and remain lying on the floor wondering how it's possible to have abs like Gigi Hadid.

Thanks to an inspirational woman on Instagram named Olivia, we're able to see a tiny hack that celebrities might use in order to make their stomachs appear flatter than they actually are.

Apparently, the answer to abs without working out are Spanx -- painfully tight Spanx.

Even though Spanx may be the key to looking skinnier than you actually are, Olivia made a point on her Insta that the pain behind wearing them isn't worth the "beauty."

She posted a side-by-side picture to prove the difference that Spanx can make in a person's experience, and explained how you shouldn't need to wear them in order to feel "flawless."


As you can see, her stomach is tucked in behind the Spanx in the first photo, which could definitely explain how celebrities make their stomachs look so damn flat all the time.

In her description, she told her followers why she decided to wear them and admitted how uncomfortable they are, saying "breathing was not an option," and that she felt restricted.

Olivia continued and spoke about the false advertising used with Spanx.

She wrote,

Don't be fooled by campaign ads and TV shows and those fabulous insta models. Spanx are created to give the illusion of a flatter stomach and smaller figure. You don't NEED them.

Tell 'em, girl!

Olivia is celebrated two years free of self harm last week, and continuously encourages people to love themselves.

She concluded in her post,

You don't need to wear a tight piece of material in order to wear a dress or top. WEAR IT ANYWAY. You are FABULOUS. You are FLAWLESS. You are BEAUTIFUL. Don't let any fucker tell you otherwise. Love your damn self!

That's right. Love your damn self and everything will fall into place.

Plus, you won't need to suffer through the tight grip of Spanx -- and that's always a plus.