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This Woman's Bad Reaction To A Wasp Sting Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

The woman in this video was stung on the lip by a paper wasp, which caused her face to massively swell from what I can only imagine is an allergic reaction. Her top lip and cheek basically tripled in size.

So, like a totally normal person, she decided to go ahead and make a video.

The oddest factor in this already emphatically odd video is how she weirdly seems so happy about what is happening to her.

You can see how much fun she's having with her suddenly swollen and malfunctioning face.

Considering this all came about when she was presumably super painfully stung by a wasp -- something which people with severe wasp allergies can die from -- this woman is extremely relaxed.

It's like she can't help being excited she's suddenly transformed into a cartoon character. That, or she is high this whole time, either on purpose or because the allergic reaction reached her brain.

I can only hope, when I am faced with a trying circumstance such as this at some point in my life, I will be a face with an ounce of this woman's enthusiasm.

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