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Woman Overcoming An Eating Disorder Writes Moving Letter To Her Young Self


Emi Feldman's letter to her 10-year-old self should be required reading in schools across the country.

It's no secret body issues and unrealistic beauty standards are massive problems in America. When you add on actual psychological issues like undiagnosed body dysmorphic disorder, the combination can be incredibly dangerous.

That is exactly what Emi Feldman went through as a teenager. At 14, she developed anorexia and began a long journey of struggling with how she physically and emotionally viewed herself that lasted all through high school and college.

She survived, though. She faced her body issues head on and seems to now live a healthier lifestyle, working at her "dream career" in New York, spending time with her boyfriend and enjoying an appreciation for her accomplishments.

Her incredibly raw and brutally open letter warning her younger self about the long road she has in front of her went viral on Facebook.

In the letter, she talks about her early days struggling with body issues, telling herself,

The issues lasted all through high school to the point where she viewed her clothing size as an issue. She continued,

Eventually, she realized her issues in college after nearly going blind. She wrote,

Hopefully, this letter will help serve as inspiration for those struggling with eating disorders.