Woman Uses Leftover Food As Makeup In Instagram Tutorial

Who needs a trip to Sephora when you have a fridge full of leftovers in your kitchen, am I right?!

Ha ... ha, I'm not kidding.

According to makeup artist Raychel Newton, the food you've been hoarding for weeks in the depths of your cabinets can be used as makeup.

She proved her point with a #FaceFullofFood challenge on her Instagram page, and we're super impressed at her ability to make mac 'n' cheese powder look so damn good.

In her post-Thanksgiving challenge, Newton used a combination of leftover food products and began applying the goodies to her eyes, cheeks and lips.

To be honest, she looks better with snacks smeared across her face than most of us do after an hour in front of the mirror dowsing ourselves with products.


In a fascinating step-by-step video, Newton showed her followers what food she chose to transform her face in an ... "appetizing" way.

To begin, she uses cacao powder to darken her eyebrows. (Why haven't we ever thought of that before?!)

Then, she uses other products like butter, honey, mac 'n' cheese powder, lucuma powder and flour to create the perfect glow above her eyes and on her cheeks.

Watch the food guru do her makeup magic below:

Personally, I was impressed the most by the way she flawlessly used a Snickers bar to contour her face.

You're automatically a hero in my book if you can use chocolate on your cheeks and look like a bronze goddess.


To top the look off, she used a raw beetroot for lip stain and coconut oil for her lipgloss.

Who really needs a Kylie Lip Kit when you've got a beet in your fridge? It works just as well, and you can use the leftovers in a salad of your choice.


All jokes aside, Raychel Newton is seriously talented and has been #blessed with perfect skin.

If I wiped chocolate across my face, I'd probably break out like a teenager going through puberty. But, hey, it's worth a try.

I also might end up looking like this baby covered in peanut butter, so promise not to laugh.


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