This Woman's Undelivered Text Accidentally Made Her Sound Way Too DTF

by Jake Cappuccino

Dear phones, if you're going to randomly decide not to send a text message, PLEASE stop any following messages from sending.

This feature would save so much time, pain and confusion because nothing is more baffling than receiving the second and third parts of a text when the first part is missing.

Case in point: Such a feature could've been extremely handy for this one woman during an exchange of text messages with a person named Nick.

The conversation starts innocently enough, but it quickly turns hilarious and sexual when this poor woman's first text was not delivered.

The woman uploaded a screenshot of a segment of her conversation with the undelivered text to Twitter for the whole world to see, writing, "I never ask to suffer but I still do."

As you can see, Nick texts Arynn Andrews, aka @Uncle_glitter, to see what she is doing later.

Arynn replies, "working again," something we can all understand, and she politely follows up with "you?," asking Nick what he is up to.

However, Arynn's first text message was not delivered, but her second text message was. And with that, when Nick asked Arynn what she doing that night, she said she would be doing him.

Man, that really sucks for Arynn, but it kind of sucks for Nick, too. He replies, "Haha I like where this is going," thinking he's about to get some. I can only imagine his disappointment when he found out sex was not, in fact, being offered.

But, it's still worse for Arynn who probably had to deal with that uncomfortable correction.

If it's any consolation to Arynn, Twitter got a big kick out of the hilarious mistake.

I'M CRYING — Common White Girl (@girlposts) July 3, 2016
Oh my god — Relatable Quotes (@RelatableQuote) July 2, 2016

Anyway, please, cell phone gods, implement the stop-text feature and you can save the world from so many uncomfortable and awkward exchanges.

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