Woman Sets Up Facebook Memorial Before Suicide: 'I Cannot Live This Way'

Facebook/Michelle Lamarche

In a message posted last Tuesday, Dr. Michelle Larmache was adamant: "I cannot live this way."

Five days later, police found she indeed had no plans to.

According to the New York Post, the 52-year-old woman was found dead on Sunday in her apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

A handwritten note asked her husband to "forgive her and explain what she had done."

The note followed a series of 10 eerie Facebook posts Lamarche had written in the three-day span between October 22 and 25.

In the first of those 10, the woman wrote,

I have called 911. He is delusional, refuses to answer questions, keeps telling me I can write my autobiography and live off the royalties.I waited 30 years. There really will be no book. No life. And I am completely alone. This is for legal purposes. If the police do not commit him for 48 hours and I am harmed: you will know why. 30 years. And it was all for shit. I am so traumatized, there are no words.

30 years of marriage, an unreleased book and her relationship with her husband continued to be recurring themes throughout the series of posts.

In another post, Lamarche asked her friend to change her Facebook page into a memorial if the friend hadn't heard from her in a week.

She wrote,

All of 'our' friends have supported him... No one believes he is physically violent or has destroyed my minimal self-esteem for 30 years. Greta Bucher: change this to "Remembering" if I don't say anything for a week.

Greta Bucher told the Post a friend of Lamarche asked the police to do a wellness check after she went silent for several days.

Police went to her home and entered Lamarche's bedroom, which was chained from the inside. Lamarche's body was on the bed, fully clothed and showing no apparent signs of trauma.

Bucher told the Post,

I've known her for 20 years. I've heard of people venting on Facebook, but I was very surprised to see what she was writing. She had always been a very private person.

Police are considering her death to be a suicide.

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