This Woman Mailed A Literal Box Of Sh*t To Her Cheating Husband


Amanda Chatel was deeply in love until everything went to sh*t. Literally.

The 35-year-old lifestyle writer recently penned a piece for YourTango detailing her decision to mail her estranged husband a pile of horse doodies.

She wrote,

My husband and I, already separated since August and living in different countries, were no more… Truth be told, I don't usually send people sh*t when I'm pissed off… But in this case, it was different.

In an email interview with The Daily Dot, Chatel shared some of the couple's backstory.

The journalist recalled,

Being a born and raised Parisian, he embodied all the things you only read about in books -- romantic, charming, passionate, amazing sex, all of it. He was also the complete opposite of the New Yorkers I had dated, because he wasn't materialistic, he lived very modestly and only worked three nights a week as a musician in a cabaret, but at the time this was all very romantic to me.

The novelty of his bohemian lifestyle began to grow stale, and Chatel began to hope her husband would work more and contribute. But, he opted to continue coasting until Chatel gave him an ultimatum.

She said,

I told him again at the airport that he had one more month to pull his life together, not for me, but for him, before he came to NYC to be with me. But he just couldn't do it. He called me the end of August telling me that he thought we should divorce, that he'd call the next day to talk about it, then disappeared for two months… He was essentially ghosting me.

Forced to Facebook stalk her own spouse to track him down, Chatel discovered he began an affair with a younger woman. He eventually came clean, and Chatel found herself wandering down the dark path of sh*t mail.

After a bit of Googling, she ordered through Shitexpress, a site beckoning prospective customers to “send a piece of sh*t in a box around the world.”

Chatel provided her husband's address, chose the packaging and was given the option to pay via Bitcoin or PayPal.

Revenge gifts are a booming (LOL) business, evidenced by a December 2014 post on Shitexpress reporting the company made $10,120 over a 30-day period.

Poop is something anyone can get for free, but paying $16.95 for another person to handle, package and ship the crap seems like a fair price.

Chatel has not yet received a delivery confirmation for her poochase but suspects her husband won't be too surprised.

She said,

He'd probably laugh, to be honest. He knows I fight dirty.

Besides, a gift is a gift.

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